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EVFY offers an easy and affordable way to purchase and charge electric vehicles in the home. EVFY is on a mission to install and manage more than one million EV Level 2 home chargers in U.S. households by 2026.
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EVFY Empowers People to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint in an Effortless and Sustainable Way.

"I was so happy when EVFY installed my charger. Now I can travel back and worth to work with no worries."
Dana & Amir
“We were on the fence about an EV lifestyle, but knowing the promotion that EVFY was giving was huge for us and clinched the deal.”
“For me and my family, it’s all about convenience, cost-savings and making our lives easier. EVFY provides all of that for us.”
“With my home charger, I never have to worry about how far my EV will take me. I know that within a few hours of charge, I am safe to go anywhere. With EVFY, the cost decision was a no-brainer.”
Dr. Blum
My goal is to live as green as possible, and with the free Level 2 home charger and installation from EVFY, I can now live more sustainably and save money.”
"I just purchased my first electric car. I'm very happy with the people at EVFY who came to install my charger. They were very friendly and professional, and now I want everybody to get an EV!"
“A full charge with EVFY's charger will give me a whole week around town. I absolutely love it.”
Gabriel & Steven
“We are excited to become part of the EVFY family and to reduce our carbon footprint. Having a full charge daily is a game-changer!"

EVFY Provides Solutions to Transition to a Carbon-Free Life

EVFY – a cutting-edge clean tech start-up – offers electric mobility and green solutions to help communities live more sustainable lives.

With EVFY, you become a member of our Sustainability program, when you sign up to receive a Level 2 home charger, plus installation.  This program offers rewards for being a conscious consumer or business aiming to live carbon free.

Through our program, EVFY seeks to make your EV experience a simple and enjoyable one as well as offer other lifestyle services and resources to 'go green'.The EVFY experience is hassle-free, cost-effective, safe and most importantly, sustainable - a win-win!

Cut Charging Times With Your Level 2 Home Charger

  • Upgrading to a Level 2 home charger from a Level 1 charger increases your charging speed by 7x (from 5 to 35 miles of charge in one hour).
  • A Level 2 home charger, provides you with full convenience - your EV is ready to go at all times, with no need to find a public EV charging station on the road - which can charge hefty fees.

By 2035, All New Passenger Cars in California will be Zero-Emissions

In an effort to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, EVFY has developed an innovative home charging platform to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles and support California utility load service entities to manage the growing load of EVs.

EVFY is doing its part by creating smart EV platforms and solutions to help consumers and businesses align with sustainable living - to address today’s climate change challenges.

Our Level 2 Home Chargers are compatible with many EV brands.

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